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Into the Archives: Cure Your Paper Flutters

Hammermill Hy•O•Lite Insert , April 1968 “If lightweight printing papers give your pressman indigestion… Give him Hammermill Hy•O•Lite with soothing Anti-Stat” Long Live Print!


Don’t Miss This Act: International Paper Dolls

In the Summer of ’69 (really), a groovy new act hit the scene. “International Paper Dolls” were the stars of a psychedelic showcase by International Paper Company, long-time proponents of the power of print. Ticonderoga Text, the colorful doll, Springhill Index, the versatile doll and Springhill Tag, the strong doll (shown here) were just a...


Agfa GreenWorks

Learn about Agfa GreenWorks and find GreenWorks Accredited Members


2015 American Package Design Awards

The annual GDUSA competition celebrates well-designed graphics, of course, but more importantly the power of design to forge an emotional link with the buyer at the moment of truth.


Amit Greenberg

Amit Greenberg is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Brooklyn.


Katy Brooks

Katy Brooks will graduate this fall with a BFA in Graphic Design.


Sharon Lloyd Mclaughlin

Sharon Lloyd McLaughlin grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Her childhood was filled with the wonder of the bayou and its wildlife inhabitants, a wonder that informs her sensibility still.


Nicte Cuevas

Nicte Cuevas is the Principle at Nicte Creative Design, LLC, a design firm committed to helping companies succeed and grow by providing conceptual design that's acutely in tune with their mission.


Kevin Cantrell

Kevin Cantrell is an art director, designer and lettering artist who recently opened a studio in Salt Lake City UT specializing in brand identity and strategy, custom lettering, packaging and interactivity.


Jill Yoe Graves

Jill was brought on as Director of Experience Design at TBWA's New York office to aide the build-out of the agency's evolving digital practice.

Mohawk Celebrates Champions of Craft

In the January/February 2015 edition of GDUSA, Mohawk was the exclusive sponsor of the 52nd Annual People To Watch editorial feature. That kicked off a year long initiative in the pages of GDUSA by the fine paper maker to recognize the work of aspiring and seasoned designers through a series of storytelling inserts entitled “Champions of...


Green Design 2014

Sponsored By Rolland Sustainability continues to exert a powerful impact in design decisions. In our June 2014 Print Design survey, roughly eight-in-ten GDUSA readers specify eco-friendly papers sometimes, and more than a nine-in-ten say that sustainability is a factor in their design assignments and solutions. At one time, designers identified “green” with the specific attributes...


28th Annual Stock Visual Survey

Our 28th Annual Reader Survey, with notes about frequency, mobile and crowdsourcing, shows a market becoming more hungry and sophisticated.

Designers Go Big with Kromekote High-Impact Foils

Guest Post by CTI Paper USA Kromekote, one of America’s truly venerable paper brands, adds highly reflective holographic foils to the collection of super-premium cast-coated printing papers. A swatchbook and print demonstration featuring a new take on the iconic Kromekote apple image is now available from CTI Paper USA. “High-value, high impact print projects are...


Digital Print Cover Contest Winners

This summer, to give designers an opportunity to become better acquainted with digital printing technology — as well as digital papers that can enhance design projects and solutions — GDUSA conducted a special “Digital Print Cover Competition.” Neenah was a natural sponsor given its rich variety of paper colors and textures for digital print applications....


Free ‘Design a Cover’ Contest Promotes Digital Print

Digital printing is the fastest growing segment of the print world and vital to the future of graphic communications. The latest GDUSA reader survey reveals that three in four designers have bought or specified digital printing in the past year, but our readers tell us that, the world being what it is, they have not...


5 Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Might Actually Use

The Minimergency Kit for Moms contains an amazing assortment of 17 personal care items to prevent minor melt-downs. The kit contains a variety of mommy must-haves, including hand-sanitizing towelettes and caffeine gum. Included is a handful of kid-friendly items like a miniature crayon set, fun adhesive bandages, and the smallest deck of playing cards you’ve...


Logos You’ll Love

Jimmy Fallon rules “Tonight” with a new moon-shaped logo by Emily Oberman of Pentagram’s New York office. Related Oberman clients have included 30 Rock, Late Night, and Saturday Night Live. Fire and ice, snowflake and flame. Duffy & Partners has updated the Sub-Zero identity and made a better visual connection to Sub-Zero’s Wolf line of...


What Should a Natural Product Look Like?

Guest Blog Post by Jenn David Connolly When you think of a natural product, do you think of muted colors, green and brown earthy tones and kraft paper — to represent healthy, all natural, simple/clean ingredients, wholesome, maybe even organic and non-GMO? Think again. Natural products certainly looked their expected part when they first started...


Preserving the 19th Century Silicon Valley

It was “The Silicon Valley of the 19th Century.” For roughly 100 years — from 1818 right through to the early years of the 20th century — the West Point Foundry in New York’s Hudson Valley was one of America’s great industrial and innovation centers, designing and manufacturing armaments that helped turn the tide of...


Will Design for Cookies

Every morning as I walk my children to school I take a peek at the wonderful window display at One Girl Cookies. I love everything about this bakery down to the aqua hued walls, patterned wallpaper, cut crystal globe lights and vintage details which are all perfectly suited to my Brooklyn neighborhood. Blown up vintage family photos...


Fahrenheit 451 Book Design is on Fire, Literally

Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 is a novel about a dystopian future where books are outlawed and firemen burn any house that contains them. As part of her schooling at The Austin Creative Department, Elizabeth Perez designed this book cover to enhance Bradbury’s message and it has gone viral. She writes: “I wanted to spread the book-burning...


Eye Candy: 6 Sinfully Sweet Package Designs

Halloween is right around the corner, so of course I can’t stop thinking about candy. Here are 6 tantalizing package designs that have kept me salivating while I wait for the real treats to arrive. Jealous Sweets, designed by London’s B&B studio, will inspire envy in every would-be Willy Wonka. Giftability, desirability and improved natural cues...


Project Runway and How I Made it Work

A few months ago, I was approached by Project Runway to participate in an episode that included the HP and Intel Pattern Challenge. I listened intently as the producers explained the challenge even though I knew exactly what they were going to say since I am a huge fan of the show. At this point in...


Mohawk Embraces Makers

Mohawk is standing foursquare with the emerging maker culture. In a technological era punctuated with e-mail, smart phones, tablets and texts, the venerable paper mill is supporting this community of like-minded makers with the introduction of three new publications: The Mohawk Declaration of Craft, Mohawk Craft Cooperative and Mohawk Maker Quarterly. The publications feature the...


Designers Get Decked Out

When you think of skateboarding, an entire subculture springs to mind. Hairstyles, fashion, music and art have all been inspired by the sport. Skate deck art has been the face of the skate world since the beginning, and it was the inspiration behind the installation currently housed on the second floor of BFG Headquarters in...


Top 25 Magazine Designs of the Past 50 Years

As part of our 50th Anniversary celebration GDUSA has conducted a series of surveys within the design community. This time around we asked our readers to tell us their favorite magazine designs of the past 50 years. Let us know if we missed any of your favorites. 1. Rolling Stone


Stephen King Wants You Back in the Bookstore (and Not the Digital Kind)

Stephen King made a big splash in the publishing world when he recently announced that he has no plans to publish a digital version of his new novel “Joyland” (June 2013, Hard Case Crime). Well, maybe at some point, but in the meantime, “let people stir their sticks and go to an actual bookstore rather...